Packaging Design Services

Types of Packaging Design Services

We realize how important your graphics and layout are to your product’s saleability and we will work as hard as it takes to make sure your box is the best it can be. We also work with other graphic designers and advertisers to ensure their product looks exactly how they want it.

Packaging Design ServicesNot only do we offer custom packaging design for your cardboard or corrugated package, we can also design effective custom printed labels and printed bags.

When designing your product’s packaging, an excellent way to ingrain your business and product into your customer’s minds is to brand everything with your logo. Tape, box, packaging material and all.

What better way to put yourself at the top of your customer’s mind?

When you need an experienced packaging designer, we’re there to provide.

For a full outline of graphic requirements and guidelines for the printing of our boxes, please visit the link below.

Artwork Guidelines and Specifications Reference Sheet [Adobe PDF, 190k]

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