RSC With Variable Flaps

Types of Regular Slotted Containers with Variable Flaps

The Regular Slotted Container with Variable Flaps (RSCVF) style of box is similar to the RSC box, except the outer flaps overlap by an inch or more. The RSCVF style of box is used when the length of the box is considerably greater than the width and results in an excessively long distance between the end flaps. This makes it desirable to overlap the outer flaps to prevent them from spreading apart. The RSCVF box is usually closed with staples through the overlapping flaps.

Examples of RSC with Variable Flaps

Regular Slotted Container with Variable Flaps - Shipping Boxes / Regular Slotted Cartons
box type: RSC with Variable Flaps
material: corrugated cardboard
printing: none
client: n/a
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