Box Accessories

Types of Box Accessories

Custom box dividers

Box Dividers

Using intersecting sheets of cardboard material, dividers create separate compartments within a larger box. Dividers are perfectly suited to help a product maintain a certain position or to cradle fragile objects. Our dividers come to you assembled to save you time and money.
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Custom Corrugated Cardboard Trays

Corrugated Trays

These topless boxes are great for storing bottles or parts containers. Essentially simply a tray to hold other objects, this style works great to hold case lots of other products. Available in slotted and die cut styles, you can make these as plain or as fancy as you want them. There great for internal packaging too.
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Custom Corrugated Pads

Corrugated Pads

Pads are plain sheets of corrugated cardboard cut to your specifications. Pads are often used to separate layers of product within a box and are excellent for unique promotional materials. Using scoring, pads can be made to fit any sort of product dimensions and can bend and curve as you wish - perfect for keeping products where you want them to be. Available in any size, materials and printing types, consider using pads when ordering your next box.
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