About Cactus Containers

We’re making a name for ourselves as producers of small quantities of lithographic, laminated boxes or displays and die cut products.

What is Cactus Containers?

Custom Boxes Basically, our business is producing small quantities of custom boxes. Our products range from simple slotted cartons to complex, custom die-cut designs. That’s what we’ve built our name on. However, that’s not all Cactus Containers is, or does.

Over the years, Cactus has been building an impressive web presence in the U.S. In fact, almost 85% of our business comes from or is referred through, our web site. We’re so busy filling internet orders that we haven’t had time to really concentrate on marketing ourselves to the local Californian population.

We’re proud to be American!
 Cardboard BoxesAll our products are American-supplied, American-made and American sold! We know how hard it is to support a company that doesn’t support you, that’s why we work so hard to ensure that all our business benefits the cities and communities of our great nation.

You can proudly say that you buy American!

Cactus’ client list is impressive.
We’ve worked with:

  • Disney on Ice
  • Jockey Underwear
  • National Geographic
  • The Discovery Channel
  • Amazon.com
  • and the Coors Brewing Company.

But it’s not just boxes. Coors needed 100 barrel-sized beer cans and Amazon.com needed boxes in the shape of a camera. Some of their clients come through advertising agencies and some directly through the company.

Mailing BoxesApart from building a company that can weather the inevitable downturns of economics, there are other pieces to Cactus’ success. We usually point to outstanding service, exemplary quality of product and excellent employees. The company shuns voice mail except when it is absolutely necessary and even then only the minimum.

“If the office is open, you will speak to a person, who will then direct you to a person. Our customers deserve to talk to a person who can understand their needs and offer helpful, insightful packaging solutions.”

Why not start right now? Call us at 1-888-776-8000 and get a free, no-obligation quote on your next packaging solution.